Senior Software Engineer in Confidential Computing

  • decentriq
  • Home office von Nadine Capoen, Karl-Marx-Straße, Birkenwerder, Germany
  • 30/09/2020
Full time Data Science Data Analytics Big Data Statistics Software Engineering

Job Description

At decentriq we change how the world accesses data. We are a Swiss tech startup that focuses on confidential computing - that is computing on data while provably keeping the data confidential from all parties, including us. We leverage the latest advances in cryptography and privacy tech to build a cloud platform that enables companies to run analytics on unseen sensitive data in a privacy-preserving way. We define a new category of collaboration.

Would you like to build a revolutionizing platform, to be central to our future success, and to be a part of a team fueled by positive energy, enthusiasm and supportive teammates?

We are looking for a senior software engineer ( >=80%, starting as soon as possible) to join our mission. The work location can be fully remote (+/- 4h CET) or in the Zurich office.


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing and building a secure system where confidentiality and integrity of all components is key
  • Researching elegant designs to work around current enclave limitations (e.g. very strict memory limitations of 128MB) in order to enable large-scale data processing
  • Owning new features end-to-end: from design, over development to deployment
  • Delivering high-quality code which is ready for production

You will collaborate in a team of approx 5 developers, with backgrounds in areas of cryptography and low-level system design. You will be working with technologies such as Rust, nix/NixOS, Python, TypeScript, gRPC, Nomad, Consul, Docker, Jenkins, ….


  • Master/Bachelor Degree or PhD in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
  • Experience in computer architecture and operating systems
  • Experience in systems programming in C, C++ or Rust (We Rust)
  • Experience in systems security and implementation best practices.
  • Good understanding and experience in using cryptographic protocols
  • Plus: Experience deploying production systems that run 24/7 and building the monitoring and alarming.
  • Plus: Experience in backend and frontend Javascript

Willingness to dig into low-level architectural detail


  • Work on making the world a better place by keeping personal data private.
  • Being able to create, shape, and benefit from a young company.
  • An amazing and fun team which is distributed over entire Europe
  • Competitive salary.
  • A lot of opportunities for self-development.
  • TGI(F and/or T) drinks