Predicting Customer Brehaviour - Customer Profiling 3.0 (Diploma Thesis)

  • ELCA
  • Lausanne, VD, Switzerland
  • 28/09/2020
Full time Data Science Data Analytics Big Data Data Management Statistics

Job Description


Customer Profiling usually starts with simple intrinsic criteria such as the age, professional category, language. And having a good knowledge of this is already useful to understand how to engage and what product and services might fit with the customer.

Level 2 of Customer Profiling is how it is reflected in its consumption behavior: type of products or services, purchase frequency, amounts.

This Internship will go further and understand, based on current characteristics and behavior, what will be tomorrow’s behavior and consumptions.

Customer Profiling will enable to improve communication and forecasts.

In this role

You will be in charge of :

  • Identifying main Customer’s profile on a real data
  • Determining predictive models
  • Analyzing which Cloud infrastructure most solution s tool
  • Implement a predictive model for customer Profile

You will have the opportunity to present your work to our Customer in Retail or Non-Profit sectors.

In this project, the goal is to:

  • Analyzing solutions and frameworks in the field of Machine Learning
  • Understand the key predictive criteria for a specific sector
  • Choose customer profiles that better answer your predictive model
  • Integrating a Behavioral Analysis solution within a CRM
  • Design and develop a working Proof of Concept

What we offer

You will join our team of CRM Experts the support of our Big Data, AI team as well as Marketing Experts. You will work in a stimulating and highly skilled environment.

About your profile

knowledge / skills required

  • Software engineering and programing,
  • Interest in Big Data and Machine learning,
  • On-the-job training will be provided by our experts.