Satcom Direct

At Satcom Direct (SD), the spirit of innovation is both our heritage and our future. We have worked since our inception in 1997 to solve the unsolvable and advance the technology of connectivity, making us the first in the marketplace to deliver numerous advancements and capabilities. Our patented Global One Number® (GON) simplified calling to an aircraft in-flight, and our 21st-century innovations continue the revolution making smart-phones ring and computers operate with the same reliability and speed in the air as on the ground, anywhere in the world. These advancements alone resulted in development of numerous value-added services, including our patented voice codec for SATCOM transmissions. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, SD Cyber Security Solutions, that provides practical solutions to protect the integrity of onboard data. Our mission is to meet aircraft operators’ demands for better connectivity in both the cabin and the cockpit. Our next generation of services help to synchronize the aircraft with the flight department. Our technologies provide an integrated connectivity platform like nothing else in the industry. We listen, and we deliver. We’ve been Satcom Direct since 1997, and now we’re even more. We invite you to be a part of the evolution. Explore career opportunities with the SD family of companies at: