AskMeWhy AG

Our team is made up of experienced agile software architects and developers, DevOps, UX designers and consultants specialized in interface implementations, databases and user experiences built and operated on Microsoft Azure. Our years of experience and creative flair allow us to design, develop and launch your digital transformation initiative.

Full time
AskMeWhy AG Zürich, ZH, Switzerland
We are looking for a DevOps Engineer in Belgrade, Barcelona or Zurich We are a digital service provider with a vibrant mix of designers, developers and consultants. Our clients are mainly large Swiss companies and international corporations with Swiss headquarters. We help them creating tailored workday experiences for their employees. As we are growing our team in Switzerland, Belgrade and Barcelona, we are looking for an open-minded and passionate team member. Your role. Our operations team works hand in hand with our project teams and software developers in setting up, running and maintaining platforms for our customers and our projects. As we are operating global platforms in Azure, a 24⁄7 picket team ensures a continuous operation of all environments. While supporting our customers in designing tailored, reliable, maintainable and secure platforms, you will collaborate with front- and...