Noir Consulting

NOIR - YOUR MICROSOFT RECRUITMENT PARTNER Noir is the leading Microsoft recruitment agency in the UK, Europe and USA. Fluent in this area, we understand the finer points of the technologies. We can help candidates make the right career decisions and help employers find the best people for their business. WANT TO GET HIRED? As a candidate when you choose to work with Noir here is a snapshot of what you can expect: FASTER RESULTS - We help candidates secure roles quicker than anyone else. UPGRADED CAREER - 95% of our candidates secure roles that exceed their expectations. MORE CHOICE - We have access to positions that no other recruiters have. IMPROVED SALARY - 92% of our candidates secure a salary increase. LOOKING TO HIRE? As a client when you choose to work with Noir here is a snapshot of what you can expect: INCREASED QUALITY OF CANDIATE - We provide our clients with unparalleled access to the strongest pool of candidates within the Microsoft community, with over 95% of the candidates’ universe mapped out. PROVEN SUCCESS - We are the market leader in Microsoft recruitment. MICROSOFT KNOWLEDGE - No recruitment agency is as embedded and possess such a reach into to Microsoft’s ecosystem as Noir. We are the trusted recruitment partner to some of the world’s leading organisations. TECHNICAL TESTING - We technically test all candidates. Our clients have the choice of using our off-the shelf test or we can administer a bespoke test at no additional cost. To discuss our service offerings in detail please do not hesitate to contact us on: or call one of our global network of offices, using the phone numbers listed on our website: WHEN IT COMES TO PLACING MICROSOFT PROFESSIONALS, THERE IS NO-ONE BETTER THAN NOIR.